Be Confident.
​Be Connected.
​Be Heard.

Programs with Power 

You can earn trust, rally people, create stronger relationships and handle those who try to take you down. Lead with confidence by making small changes in how you present yourself every day. Small changes that have a big impact on what you get done.

Human relationships to power are complicated. Some people don’t feel comfortable with their own power. Others don’t feel comfortable with anyone else’s power. Others insist they don’t care about power at all. But comfort moving among different ranks is essential to personal and professional success. And that means negotiating different power dynamics and understanding how others perceive you.

Executive Presence aligns self-perception with the perceptions that others have of you. Gaps between those perceptions reveal your opportunities for growth. Expanding the authentic range of your connection and control can transform your leadership.

Power and Presence combines leading social science research with the performance arts. Get comfortable in new leadership roles and gain confidence in yourself.

Range Ownership Impact (ROI)
.An intersectional approach to changing the dynamics in your workplace by supporting marginalized groups. The ROI approach to building leadership skills and networks starts to shift the existing power structure and level the playing field.

This 2-4 month program includes: 
  • Live 2-day Kickoff Event
  • Mentor Alignment Session
  • Six Modules (virtual or live)
    • Power and Executive Presence
    • Mentorship, Sponsorship and Strategic Networks
    • Storytelling
    • Leadership Styles
    • Feedback
    • Negotiation and Allies
  • ​Weekly Field Work
  • Live Wrapup and Reflection